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  • Initial Consultation$95
  • Standard follow-up Consultation $85
  • Aged Pensioner$60
  • Medicare EPC$5


  • Initial Consultation$95
  • Standard follow-up Consultation$85
  • Aged Pensioner$60
  • Medicare EPC$5


Depending on what your biomechanical problem is, we offer a range of orthoses from non-custom, CFAs and fully casted custom orthoics. Prices vary accordingly. Your expert Podiatrist will assess you and explain to you your needs and the associated costs.

Questions about your bill

How much will I get back from my Health Fund?

Head2Toe is a Preferred Provider for several major health funds, so you’ll always get bigger refunds with us. However, your Level of Cover with your fund determines how much you will have to pay out of pocket. Contact your fund, quote our prices and they should be able to tell you how much your gap will be.

Does Medicare cover Physio & Podiatry?

Head2Toe is a Private Practice, so there is no Government support for either Physiotherapy or Podiatry treatment. However, people who qualify under the EPC program – for Chronic Diseases which can be helped by Physiotherapy or Podiatry treatment – may receive limited treatment funded by Medicare. Only your Doctor can approve this

How does Workcover or TAC work?

If you are injured at work, or in a Motor Vehicle Accident, you may qualify for free treatment to help you recover. You will need to fill in the relevant paperwork/claim forms with your employer, or from the TAC website @www.tac.vic.gov.au. Once your claim has been approved, we bill your Employer’s Insurance Company directly. TAC clients must pay the first $620 (Standard Excess), unless you are admitted to Hostpital after your accident.

Can I run an account and pay at the end?

Unfortunately, we do not run accounts at Head2Toe. Payment is required on the day of treatment, or upon the delivery of customised footwear or Orthotics.