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Head2Toe Physiotherapy and Podiatry – Excellence in Learning and Care

At Head2Toe Physiotherapy and Podiatry, our commitment to unparalleled patient care is twofold. We are not only passionate about providing top-tier physiotherapy and podiatry services but are also dedicated to fostering an environment of continuous learning and growth. This dual focus places us at the leading edge of health care and sets us apart as a ‘Learning Organisation’.

Being a Learning Organisation: Our Dedication to Continuous Growth

A ‘Learning Organisation’ is one that facilitates the learning of its members and continuously transforms itself. At Head2Toe, we live and breathe this philosophy every day. We believe that by nurturing the ongoing education of our team, we can stay ahead of the curve and offer our patients the very best in physiotherapy and podiatry care.

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Our practitioners engage in high-standard training sessions each week, absorbing new knowledge and honing their skills. These sessions, led by experienced clinicians and occasional guest speakers, span the latest research findings, cutting-edge practice techniques, and insightful case studies. This dedication to learning means that when you choose Head2Toe, you’re choosing a team equipped with the most up-to-date knowledge in their field.

Clinical Placements: Investing in the Future of Healthcare

We’re proud to host students from leading health sciences universities for their clinical placements. Our experienced team offers these bright minds the practical exposure and guidance they need to develop into skilled, compassionate practitioners. This exchange of knowledge also benefits our practice, keeping us connected to the latest academic insights and innovative ideas.

Choosing Head2Toe: Excellence in Care and Education

When you choose Head2Toe, you’re not only choosing a team of skilled physiotherapists and podiatrists; you’re choosing a practice that values knowledge, growth, and innovation. As a patient, this means you receive care that’s based on the latest best practices, delivered by clinicians committed to lifelong learning and improvement.

Our range of services covers everything ‘head to toe’, treating a wide array of physical conditions. Whether it’s managing chronic pain, rehabilitation post-injury, foot and ankle care, or improving overall physical performance, we’re dedicated to helping you on your health journey.

Clinicians That Have Trained at Head2toe Gallery

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Mr Nadeena Thenabadu (Physiotherapist)

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Mr Abdul Abdirahman (Physiotherapist)


Ms Ebenezer Musakwa (Podiatrist)

Richardwatson Physio

Mr Richard Watson (Physiotherapist)

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Mr Jordan Douvartzidis (Podiatrist)

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Ms Catherine Forte-Oddo (Physiotherapy Student*)