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Are you searching for a team of rehabilitation specialists that deliver comprehensive and unmatched services to get you back to full health in no time at all? Thanks to our combined focus on both physiotherapy and podiatry, our clinic of highly trained and passionate physios and podiatrists know how to heal you from head to toe. With over 10 years of experience our team stand apart from other practitioners thanks to our unshakeable focus on the needs of our patients. By adopting the latest techniques and methods, combined with free onsite parking and extended operating hours, Head2Toe is 100% driven by your rehabilitation.

When they make an appointment at our podiatry clinic, Brunswick patients can expect to be greeted by caring professionals who will put their wellbeing first.


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Physiotherapy Brunswick

At Head2Toe, we endeavour to set you on a path to rehabilitation from your first assessment with our expert physios through to your last session. Thanks to our application of advanced biomechanical exercise routines, you can trust our physios to assist patients in regaining strength and mobility after accidents and injuries. At Head2Toe we know that your time is important, and thanks to this focus on your needs we aim to keep the time between your first call to your appointment to the shortest length possible. With our attention on the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries we are committed to providing exceptional physio. Brunswick locals and residents in the surrounding Melbourne suburbs can depend on our focused and personalised therapies.

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Podiatrist Brunswick

Do you suffer from foot deformations like highly arched or flat feet, bunions, warts, or ingrown nails? At Head2Toe our podiatrists and surgeons actively work with you to improve and restore the health of your feet. Servicing Melbournians from Avondale Heights to Brunswick, our podiatrists are passionate about completely alleviating chronic or injury-related foot pain. Our insistence on using effective methods and treatments guarantees the best result for our patients. The Head2Toe team draws on over 10 years of outstanding service as podiatrists. Brunswick patients can trust the experts at our accessible Head2Toe podiatry clinic.

Foot Clinic

Foot Clinic Brunswick

Searching for a podiatry foot clinic? Brunswick locals are sure to notice a positive difference when they visit Head2Toe. One of the specialities of our podiatry foot clinic is our focus on biomechanics, and the way in which the foot and the whole body will move, and the stresses that will be placed upon them in daily life, work, and exercise.

Discrepancies in biomechanics, along with issues such as high or flat arches (which will affect the way that you move) can lead to foot pain, but also leg, hip, or even back pain. When you visit the Head2Toe foot clinic we will carefully assess your unique biomechanics and any injuries or stresses that may have arisen. One solution may be to prescribe the orthotics that can correct discrepancies, helping you to move with correct alignment. Orthotics may also be fitted to aid in recovery following a fracture or other injury.

If they have previously been prescribed orthotics, Brunswick locals can also come to our clinic for an assessment, as it is important to adjust orthotics as needed, especially for growing children.

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Back Pain Treatment Brunswick

Are you looking for a different approach to back pain treatment? Brunswick locals who want to see an approach that takes into account their general wellbeing, as well as the causes of and treatments for back pain can find a refreshingly different approach at Head2Toe.

The causes of back pain are diverse, and so are the available back pain treatments. Our physios may provide dry needling or massage, give postural, ergonomic, and lifestyle advice, or recommend balance, agility, and sports exercises.

Because the causes of back pain can often arise from biomechanical discrepancies, you may even be referred to our podiatrists who can assess the potential of orthotics as part of your back pain treatment. Although we can’t tell you exactly what your treatment will look like, when you visit Head2Toe you can be assured that treatment will be provided by highly qualified professionals, with an individualised treatment plan tailored to your specific needs.


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Head2Toe – Physiotherapy & Podiatry was established in 2006 by owner and Physiotherapist, Richard Watson, with a simple philosophy: Excellent, Professional, One-on-one patient care.

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