Ergonomics & Posture
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Ergonomics and Postural improvement

Poor posture mal-aligns the joints of the spine and periphery. This puts the mechanical structures of the body at a disadvantage. This disadvantage can be the cause of injury, or can be a factor which stops or slows recovery from injury.

Ergonomics is the relationship of the body with the objects around it such as a computer workstation, a bike or even a tennis racket. The physiotherapists at Head 2 Toe are experts at assessing and advising on ergonomics.

Knowing how to set up your office chair and computer workstation, or hold and use a tennis racket can vastly improve the efficiency of movement and lessen the loads involved. This can speed the recovery from injury, and make further injury less likely.

Poor Ergonomics & Posture can lead to:
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Physiotherapy at Head2Toe

The Physiotherapists at Head 2 Toe are experts at assessing and training posture. In conjunction with manual therapy, stretching and exercises we will use techniques such as postural taping, video analysis and feedback, which will help you to optimise your posture.

We will talk about your workstation set-up, or driving position or even solutions for poor sleeping habits and pillow choice.

This places your joints and muscles at an advantage, making recovery from injury faster and optimising performance at sport, in the workplace or in daily activity.

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