Exercise Prescriptions

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Exercise is an important part of managing an injury. Different injuries respond to different exercises, and the correct exercise for your injury will get you better faster.

From the careful, staged introduction of movement and strength exercises after a surgical tendon repair, to the demanding, end stage rehabilitation of a sporting injury, the Physiotherapists and Podiatrists at Head 2 Toe are experts at tailoring exercise programs.

We love rehabilitating injuries post-surgery and often liaise with surgeons regarding physiotherapy management of their patients after joint reconstructions, tendon repairs, discectomies, laminectomies or orthopaedic surgery.

Exercise programs can be tailored for home, gym, pool or work. We will be happy to liaise with your personal trainer or Pilate’s instructor. If need be, can even pay a visit with you to your gym.

As your recovery progresses, you will have your exercises modified accordingly until you are fully recovered and self-managing.

Our exercise programs may include
  • Core stability programs
  • Swiss ball exercises
  • Pilates based rehabilitation
  • Sports specific exercise programs
  • Thera band resisted exercises
  • General weight based
  • Gym based exercise programs
  • Cardio programs
  • Foam roller stretches
  • Stretch programs
  • Plyometric stretch programs
  • Neural stretches
  • Mobilisations
  • Postural awareness exercises
  • Proprioceptive and balance programs
  • Vestibular rehabilitation exercises
  • Ergonomic training
  • Work hardening programs
Exercise Prescriptions 02
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