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Catherine Forte-Oddo Physiotherapist Brunswick in Sports
Catherine Forte-Oddo, Physiotherapist Brunswick
degree-iconBachelor of Science (Biology), Masters of Physiotherapy Practice

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Physiotherapist with a special interest in sports

Catherine Forte-Oddo is a dedicated physiotherapist at Head2Toe Physiotherapy and Podiatry Brunswick. Balancing her professional pursuits with a flourishing career in sports, Catherine plays for Brunswick Juventus FC in the Women’s National Premier League. Her dual commitment to athletics and healthcare gives her a unique perspective and approach to physiotherapy.

Professional Background
Catherine is immersed in an environment that prioritizes continuous learning and excellence in patient care. She is actively involved in clinical education and training at Head2Toe, a practice known for its commitment to the latest research and innovative techniques in physiotherapy and podiatry​. This setting allows Catherine to stay at the forefront of healthcare practices, ensuring that her patients receive the most current and effective treatments available.

Catherine-Forte Oddo Physiotherapist Assessment In Brunswick for Sports Injuries

Patient Experience
Initial Consultation and Assessment
When a patient first meets Catherine, they can expect a thorough initial consultation. Catherine begins by listening attentively to the patient's history and concerns. She conducts a comprehensive assessment to understand the root cause of the issue, using both her academic knowledge and practical insights gained from her sports background.

Personalised Treatment Plans
Catherine believes in the power of personalized care. She creates tailored treatment plans that address the specific needs of each patient. Her plans often combine manual therapy techniques, precise needling, and effective exercise regimens, ensuring a holistic approach to rehabilitation and pain management.

Immersive Patient Experience
To immerse her patients fully in their treatment journey, Catherine takes several steps:

  • Clear Communication: Catherine explains each step of the treatment process in simple terms, ensuring that patients understand their condition and the rationale behind each therapy method.
  • Collaborative Goal Setting: She collaborates with patients to set realistic and achievable goals, making them active participants in their recovery process.
  • Continuous Feedback: Catherine provides ongoing feedback and adjustments to the treatment plan based on patient progress, ensuring that each session is productive and aligned with the patient’s recovery trajectory.

Making Patients Feel Valued
Catherine’s approach to physiotherapy is rooted in empathy and respect. She strives to make her patients feel valued and understood. Her athletic background gives her an edge in relating to patients, especially those involved in sports, as she understands the physical and mental demands of athletic activities.

Comfort and Support
Catherine ensures that her treatment environment is comfortable and supportive. She creates a space where patients feel safe to discuss their concerns and challenges. Her compassionate demeanor and professional expertise help in building a trusting relationship with her patients.

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