Can a physio fix a stiff neck?

Can A Physio Fix A Stiff Neck

A physio can fix stiff necks by using hands-on manual therapy techniques, massage and dry needling of tight muscles, and exercises to keep your neck loose.

Hands-on techniques a physiotherapist can use include the following:

  • Maitlands mobilisations
  • Mulligans techniques
  • Mckenezies techniques

These hands-on techniques are precise and gentle. They use the body's natural movement to help fix stiff necks. They do this by loosening up stiff joints to unblock them so they can move with greater freedom.

Dry Needling to Fix Stiff Necks

Dry needling is a great way to fix stiff necks. Stiff necks can often be caused by the tightening of muscles such as your upper traps. Dry needling can calm these muscles to a greater degree than other techniques such as stretching and massage.

Posture and Stiff Necks

Posturing can have a big effect on necks remaining stiff. This is especially more important for office workers. Appropriate ergonomic changes and postural changes can help stop your neck going through unneeded load so it does not stiffen up

Can Neck Cracking or Adjustments Help?

Manipulation or cracking of the neck is not advised or performed by Head2toe Physios due to the risk of stroke and damage that can happen when this is done. To read more about such instances check out this article:

How Long Does it Take to Fix a Stiff Neck?

For mild cases, it can usually take 7-14 days to reduce the stiffness and give you appropriate self-management techniques. For more severe cases it can take 4+ weeks.

To read more about what a physiotherapist does for neck pain check out this article:
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