Can a podiatrist help with heel pain?

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A podiatrist can help with heel pain in many ways. Podiatrists are experts who only work on the foot and ankle so they know how to assess your foot and leg accurately. Because of this podiatrists can figure out what is causing your heel pain.

Causes of heel pain

  • Flat feet
  • Poor footwear
  • Overloading your feet
  • Overweight
  • Menopausal women
  • Foot posture
  • Weakness of the calf muscles
  • Previous injuries
    • From here a podiatrist can figure out what is causing your heel pain and create a plan for getting you better.

      Podiatry treatment for heel pain

      • Strengthening and stretching exercise
      • Footwear advice
      • Orthotic therapy
      • Taping of the foot
      • Shockwave therapy
      • Lifestyle changes
          Can Podiatrist Help Heel Pain
          Podiatry treatment of heel pain with taping for flat feet

          Orthotics are commonly given to help heel pain because it can reduce the amount of force that is causing heel pain. It does this by placing the heel in a better position so that it softens the pressure of the ground on the heel. A combination of orthotics, good footwear and exercises is often a common combination that podiatrist use to help heel pain.

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          There are many exercises you can do for heel pain such as calf raises and stretches for the foot which are great ways to help reduce heel pain.

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          Should I see a podiatrist or a physio?

          Both are equally good at treating heel pain, however, podiatrists can provide custom orthotics but physios cannot so we suggest seeing a podiatrist first for heel pain.


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