What does a physiotherapist do for neck pain?

What Does A Physiotherapist Do For Neck Pain

It can be difficult to know what a physiotherapist does for neck pain. A physiotherapist does many things for neck pain. They will first talk to you about your neck pain which can include questions about what causes your neck pain to come on and if it is worse with anything you do during the day.

The next thing a physiotherapist does for neck pain is performing tests to find out what is the main causes. This can include pain, flexibility, strength and control tests. The results of these tests will help a physiotherapist design the most appropriate treatment plan for you

Treatment a physiotherapist can do for neck pain will include the following:

  • Manual therapy for stiff joints
  • Dry needling or massage for tight, painful muscles
  • Targeted exercises to develop strength and control
  • Ergonomic advice
  • Postural correction strategies
    • Posture and Neck Pain

      Posture can affect neck pain. This a major focus of what physiotherapists do for neck pain. Physiotherapists can see if posture is effecting your neck pain by altering your posture and seeing if it changes your neck symptoms. This information is vital to help provide long-term strategies to prevent chronic neck pain.

      Physiotherapy can do many things for neck. It is a targeted way to help get neck pain sufferers better for good.

      How Does Each Treatment Work?

      Manual therapy uses precise hands-on techniques to gently move the joints and bones in the neck. This can help loosen and free them up to allow for pain-free movement. Head2toe Physios do not crack necks due to the risk of stroke with this.

      Dry needling works by using tiny needles which cause muscles to relax when placed gently into muscles. Dry needling is generally pain-free and useful for reducing muscle tightness.

      Exercises can help strengthen weak muscles and stretch tight muscles.

      For more information check out this article:

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