What is the fastest way to relieve neck pain?

What Does A Physiotherapist Do For Neck Pain

The fastest way to relieve neck pain is to use manual therapy from a physiotherapist. Manual therapy describes hands-on techniques that vary from gentle pressing on the neck to sustained pressure with movement which is a fast way to relieve neck pain as it can help free any joints that may be blocked or stiff that are causing pain.

There are different manual therapy techniques:

  • Maitlands approach
  • Manipulation (Cracking)
  • Mckenzies’ method
  • Mulligans concept

The most widely used manual therapy to help with neck pain is the mulligans-based approach due to its fast effectiveness with neck pain and headaches.

The mulligans concept works by providing sustained pressure on the neck whilst moving the neck gently.

Benefits of manual therapy

  • Fast acting
  • Reduces pain
  • Reduces muscle tightness
  • Better movement quickly
Fast Physio Treatment for Neck Pain for Home

How fast does manual therapy work for neck pain?

Once a mulligan’s technique is successfully performed by a physio, you should feel instant improvement with your neck pain that is large and significant.  

What about cracking your neck?

Many physios do not crack necks anymore due to the risk of stroke. It does not make sense to put patients at risk when other gentler techniques are safer and can give the same or better results when applied right.

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