When should I see a physio for neck pain?

When Should I See A Physio For Neck Pain

When should I see a physio for neck pain is a common question many people ask. You should see a physio if your neck is not getting better or the pain is above a 2-3/10 pain. Usually, when the pain is above this level it is because of either a tight muscle, stiff joint, weak neck or poor posture. This is what causes neck pain to increase. If it is not getting better with self-management with heatpacks and gentle stretches it is also a good time to see a physio.

A physio should also be seen for your neck if you have ongoing or worsening stiffness. Stiffness blocks the neck from moving freely and can cause ongoing discomfort.

When you should see physio for neck pain:

  • Pain above 2-3/10
  • Ongoing stiffness
  • Associated headaches
  • Tight muscles such as your upper trap
  • Not responding to self-management techniques
  • If you have poor posture

When you should not see a physio for neck pain:

  • Neck pain associated with stroke or heart attack symptoms
  • Loss of speech, difficulty swallowing and face slurring associated with neck pain

In these cases go immediately to your local emergency department immediately.

How to choose between a chiro, osteo and physio for neck pain?

All three professions have similar approaches to treating neck pain. Many apply hands-on techniques, massage, and dry needling. Physiotherapists however are also trained in neurology and cardiorespiratory conditions which can help diagnose and manage complex neck conditions. Physiotherapy also has exercises to help teach you how to take care of your neck for good, without the need for ongoing lifetime treatment.

If you want to learn more about how a physio can help with neck pain check out this article:

Author: Mr Abdul Abdirahman

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